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School Admission

Dear Parent/Carer,



Admission to Reception and Transfer to Junior School September 2021


Our records show your child is due to begin reception class or transfer to junior school in September 2021.This means that you must apply for reception or junior school place for your child by 15 January 2021.


To do this, you must submit an on-line application through the Primary Admissions web page of Walsall Council website: Alternatively, from the front page of the Walsall Council website, follow: Education – School Admissions – Primary Admissions (click on Primary Admissions Chalk Board)


You will also find, on this web page, an online booklet that provides more information about the school admissions process. We strongly recommend that you read this booklet before making your application.


Please note that the online application portal is open daily between 8am and 9.30pm each day up until the 15 January 2021.


You should only apply through the Walsall Council website if you are a Walsall resident.  If you pay your council tax to a different Local Authority (LA), then you should apply through them. Contact details for neighbouring LA’s are provided in the online information booklet.


You can list up to three schools on your application, in your order of preference. List all of the schools that you are interested in, including those that may be located in other local authority areas.


Some schools also require applicants to complete an additional Supplementary Information Form (SIF) in addition to naming the school on the online application form. Please refer to the online information booklet to see if you need to complete a Supplementary Information Form for any of your preferred schools. If you intend to name any schools outside Walsall then please contact the relevant LA to check if you are required to complete a Supplementary Information Form for that school.


All places are offered based on how well a child meets the over-subscription criteria for each school and, regrettably, it is not possible to guarantee that a place will be offered at a particular preferred school. We strongly recommend that you use all three preferences and include at least one local school in your selection that you feel that your child would have met the admission criteria for in previous years.


Details of each school’s admissions criteria and how places have been offered in previous years are included in the on-line information booklet.


The deadline for submission of applications is 15 January 2021.


There is ample time for you to consider which schools you intend to list and make your application, there is no priority given to applicants who make their application earlier than others,




It is however extremely important that your application has been submitted by 15 January 2021. Any applications, or changes to your preferred schools, made after this date will be treated as late and will be processed after all those received by the deadline of 15 January 2021.


Making a late reception or junior school application will reduce the chance of your child being offered a place at your preferred schools.


You will be notified of the outcome of your application on 16 April 2021.


If you require any advice or support with making your application then please contact the School Admissions and Appeals Team at Members of the team will be pleased to assist you.



Yours faithfully


Rob Thomas,

Head of Access,



  • If you live outside Walsall, you should complete an application from your home local authority.



Parent Support Adviser (Admissions & Pupil Place Planning)

If you have any questions about the primary admissions process and would like independent advice, please contact the Parent Support Adviser.

Parent Support Adviser (Admissions & Pupil Place Planning)
Walsall MBC
2nd Floor
Civic Centre
Darwall Street

Telephone: 01922 652578







W/C 16 November 2020


Information letters are emailed to Nursery, Infant and Primary Schools for distribution to parents.



15 NOVEMBER 2020



On-line application facility goes live on the Walsall Council website.


15 JANUARY 2021


Closing date for applications.



16 APRIL 2021


National Notification Day

(16 April or next working day) – Parents notified of offers by email.


Safeguarding and Family Support Manager