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Overview of mathematics guidance for key stages 1 and 2 - Introduction

This series of videos accompanies our Key Stage 1 and 2 maths guidance. This introductory video introduces the guidance and explains how it might be used.

How to use maths to reduce your food miles | Maths - Ecomaths

Stefan Gates visits an organic farm in Devon, and discovers 'food miles' as he follows the journey food takes from the field to our plates. Subscribe for mor...

Maths Progression

Counting stick: parent tips

Tips from primary teachers on how to use a counting stick to help children learn and practise their times tables. NB: watch together with the Mrs Winfield's ...




These PowerPoints include links to relevant resources and pupil-facing activities. They are ideal to be used with small groups of pupils to support review, practice, and consolidation. 

The pupil activities are intended to stimulate interaction and discussion. We suggest you use them flexibly and are guided by pupils' response, repeating activities where pupils lack confidence. When using these for Covid curriculum recovery or at the start of a year, you should use the materials from the previous year group. If you are teaching Year 4 for example, the Year 3 materials are used to review, practice and consolidate learning from the previous year. The ready-to-progress criteria are intended as goals for the end of the year.