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Primary Science Demonstrations: Intro - The Experiments

An introduction to a series of excellent primary science demonstrations by Sue Halliday and Lorelly Wilson. From the Catalyst Primary Science series. For mor...

Science Progression

 Science Curriculum Overview (2022-2023)


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1



Who am I? (SOS Unit 1)

(Animals, including humans)




Amazing animals

(Animals, including humans)


Marvellous materials

(Everyday materials)


Minibeasts and their habitats

(Animals, including humans)


Growing plants



Seasonal Changes

(See SOS for guidance)

Year 2

Healthy Me (SOS Unit 1)

(Animals, including humans)



Materials Monster

(SOS Unit 2)

(Use of everyday materials)



Our Local Environment

(SOS Unit 4)

(Living things and their habitats)


Squash, bend, twist and stretch

 (SOS Unit 3)



Young gardeners

(SOS Unit 5)

(Living things and their habitats, Plants)


Little Masterchefs

(SOS Unit 6)

(Science in Action Topic)

Year 3




Rocks, Soils and Fossils



Forces and Magnets

(Forces and magnets)


Food and our bodies

(Animals including humans)


How does your garden grow?



Light and Shadows



Year 4




Teeth and Eating

(Animals, including humans)



Power it up!



What’s that sound?



Living things

(Living things and their habitats)


Looking at states

(States of matter)


Investigate! The Big Build

(Science in Action Topic)

Year 5




Let’s get moving








Circle of life

(Living things and their habitats)



Material world

(Properties and changing materials)


Out of this world

(Earth and Space)


Growing up and growing old

(Animals, including humans)


Investigate! Amazing changes


(Science in Action Topic)

Year 6



Healthy Bodies

(Animals, including humans)














Classifying living things

(Living things and their habitats)


Evolution and inheritance

(Evolution and inheritance)


Investigate! The Titanic

(Science in Action Topic)


Primary Science Demonstrations: Fire Extinguisher

Put out a fire with a jug of carbon dioxide to demonstrate changing materials, irreversible reactions, and gases to primary students. From the Catalyst Prima...

Making Lava Lamps: Chemistry in your cupboard

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