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You must love one another as I have loved you.’ John 13 v 34.

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Relationships and Health Education/PSHE

Thank you to everyone who responded to our Relationship, Health, Education Consultation. 

Please see below for a summary of the FAQ's and responses, which was conducted during the Autumn term of 2020. 


· As per the policy, the school has not elected to teach any non-statutory content other than those themes covered by the new DfE statutory guidance document, which was published in June 2019

· For reference, the statutory elements which the school is mandated to teach by the Govt are:

o Relationships Education

o Health Education

· The school will not be delivering any additional non-statutory sex education, other than those elements contained within National Curriculum Science, which have been taught for many years by all Primary phase schools.

· There is not a parental right of withdrawal from any of the statutory elements or Relationships Education, Health Education or the existing NC Science content.

· As per our policy, our PSHE curriculum content overview is available for parents to view at any time so that they are aware of the topics and themes we have coming up in the subject.

· If at any point parents require any further information around the themes within our PSHE programme, please contact us.

· The subject in which these topics are covered, PSHE education, is a weekly timetabled lesson across KS1 & KS2. This has been the case for many years so the new changes will have no impact upon any of the other subjects being delivered across school. PSHE is a very important part of our curriculum.


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