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St. Giles Church of England Primary School

You must love one another as I have loved you.’ John 13 v 34.

‘learn to love and love to learn’.

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We work with the local vicar and other church members to plan and deliver acts of worship both in the church and in classrooms that are invitational, reflective and engaging. There is flexibility in the provision of collective worship to enable all pupils to benefit without compromising their beliefs.


Collective worship gives pupils and school staff the opportunity to:


  • Engage in an act of community.
  • Express praise and thanksgiving to God.
  • Be still and reflect.
  • Explore the big questions of life and respond to national events.
  • Foster respect and deepen spiritual awareness.
  • Reflect on the character of God and on the teachings of Christ.
  • Affirm Christian values and attitudes.
  • Share each other's joys and challenges.
  • Celebrate special times in the Christian calendar.

Collective Worship Overview

Roots and Fruits


Autumn 1: Generosity (Page 11)


Week Commencing

Roots and Fruits

5th September

Explaining the theology of the school vision

*Not part of Roots and Fruits

12th September

Loving others as we love ourselves

(Mark 12:31)

Page 13

19th September

Giving Sacrificially

(Luke 21: 1-4)

Page 16

26th September

Giving Cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Page 19

3rd October

Celebrating Harvest: Giving as God gives

(Psalm 65: 13-19)  

10th October

Caring for Creation

(Genesis 2:15)

Page 22

17th October

Giving our time


Page 25


Autumn 2: Compassion (Page 31)

Week Commencing

Roots and Fruits

31st October

Noticing a need

(Mark 6:34)

Page 33

7th November

Remembrance Day/Service - 11th November

*Not part of Roots and Fruits

14th November

Being a good neighbour

(Luke 10:25-37)

Page 36

21st November

Putting on the right attitude

(Colossians 3:12)

Page 39

28th November

Having the courage to care (Exodus 2:1-10)

Page 42

5th December

Coming to the rescue

(Luke 15:4-6)

Page 45

12th December

Celebrating Christmas: God of the unexpected

(Luke 2: 8-20)

Page 48


Spring 1: Courage (Page 51)

Week Commencing

Roots and Fruits

3rd January

Stepping out of your comfort sone

(Exodus 3-4)

Page 53

9th January

Doing the right thing, not the easy thing

(Esther 4-8)

Page 56

16th January

Facing a challenge

(Joshua 2)

Page 59

23rd January

Overcoming fear

(1 John 4:18)

Page 63

30th January

Celebrating Candlemas: Trusting God’s promises

(Luke 2:21-40)

Page 70

6th February

Encouraging others

(Joshua 1:9)

Page 66

13th February

Beginning of Lent -22nd February

*Not part of Roots and Fruits


Spring 2: Forgiveness (Page 73) 

Week Commencing

Roots and Fruits

27th February

Wiping the slate clean

(Colossians 3:13)

Page 75

6th March

Turning over a new leaf

(Luke 19:1-10)

Page 78

13th March

Forgiving others as God has forgiven you

(Matthew 18:21-35)

Page 81

20th March

Beginning again

(Luke 15:11-32)

Page 84

27th March

Celebrating Lent and Easter: When darkness turned to light

(Ephesians 1:7)

Page 70


Summer 1: Friendship (Page 95)

Week Commencing

Roots and Fruits

17th April

Sticking together

(Proverbs 18:24)

Page 97

24th April

Encouraging one another

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Page 100

1st May

Supporting one another

(Luke 5:17-39)

Page 103

8th May

Making time for each other

(Luke 10: 38-42)

Page 106

15th May

Learning to listen

(Proverbs 17:17)

Page 109

22nd May

Celebrating Pentecost: Knowing God’s Presence

(Acts 2)

Page 112


Summer 2: Respect (Page 115)

Week Commencing

Roots and Fruits

5th June

Celebrating Trinity: God’s never ending love

(Pslam 8:9)

Trinity Sunday – 4th June

Page 132

12th June

Remembering to pray for others (Ephesians 6:18)

Page 117

19th June

Valuing difference

(Luke 7:1-10)

Page 120

26th June

Valuing others as we would like to be valued

(Matthew 7:12)

Page 123

3rd July

Valuing special places

(Matthew 21:12-17)

Page 126

10th July

Valuing different opinions

(1 Peter 2:17)

Page 129

17th July