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Anti-Bullying Week 2016

The theme of Anti-Bullying Week 2016 is 'Power for Good'. As a parent and carer you have a vital role in supporting your child with issues relating to bullying, and working with schools to prevent and respond to bullying.

How you can use your power for good as a parent

  • Know the signs that a child might be experiencing bullying. Consider how you would help and who you could turn to for advice.  For help with this access our Top tips for parents and children.
  • Find out how your child's school deals with bullying.  Ask to see a copy of the school anti-bullying policy (this might be part of the school behaviour policy).  Find out if there are opportunities for parents and pupils to input to the policy, to share what is working well and to input ideas for change.
  • Make sure your child knows they can talk to you if they have any worries or concerns.
  • Help them to understand the difference between falling out with friends, being a bit mean and signs that they might be experiencing bullying.  Bullying is persitent, there’s an intent to cause harm and there’s an abuse of power.
  • Support your child to grow in confidence, to make friends in a variety of settings and to take part in activites that build their self esteem.  Talk about how they might respond if someone calls them names or tries to hurt them. What could they say back? Who could they go to for help depending on the situation?
  • Make sure you’re a good role model. Little eyes are always watching us. How we manage conflict in our relationships and how we treat other people has a big impact on our children.

Further resources

ABA has designed a free online information tool that provides parents with interactive content to increase confidence in supporting children with bullying issues. To access the tool visit

ABA and Red Balloon Learner Centres worked in partnership to produce 'Information for Parents and Carers on Bullying' (pdf document).  The guide includes advice on supporting your child with bullying issues, information on bullying and the law, and guidance on how to make a complaint about bullying.

For more advice on supporting your child with issues related to bullying including organisations that can offer additional support you can visit the advice section of our website.