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You must love one another as I have loved you.’ John 13 v 34.

‘learn to love and love to learn’.

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Life Education 5.7.13


The Life Education Bus will be visiting St Giles on Friday 5th July to work with Yr 5/6 pupils.


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Mobile Classroom Drug and Health programmes


Our aim is to help children to make healthy choices in the areas of drugs including medicine, smoking and alcohol, diet, exercise and personal relationships.


We deliver our educational programmes to children aged 3-11 years in schools and nursery settings, using a specially designed mobile learning centre fitted with interactive educational resources to stimulate and support children’s learning. Our highly trained educators are qualified teachers who provide children with stimulating and exciting sessions using a wide range of knowledge, educational techniques and strategies that are designed to:


  • Encourage positive attitudes towards themselves and their health
  • Increase their sense of personal self-worth and empathy towards others
  • Recognise the risks associated with all drugs including medicines, tobacco and alcohol


The sessions link with the National Curriculum so that the work can be integrated and continue through a school’s PSHE programme of study.


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