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Rewarding Behaviour - Trackit Points

Thank you to those who have responded to our Spring Term Questionnaire and left feedback. If you haven't had chance to complete, there is still time... Please click the link below. 


Don't forget there are 22 Questions over two page and you need to click FINISH. 


As promised, the school is committed to listening and responding to parental views. 


From the questionnaire, a  parent raised that they were unaware why their child had been awarded a certificate. 


At St Giles' CE Primary School we use Trackit Lights consistently in every classroom from Nursery to Year 6.


Trackit Lights is a permanent feature on every teacher’s interactive whiteboard. It’s an engaging, motivational behaviour management tool bar down the right side of the board that allows teachers to quickly log positive and negative behaviour and motivate pupils.


As pupils accumulate Track-It Points they earn:


200 Points = Bronze Certificate

500 Points = Silver Certificate

800 Points = Gold Certificate

1000 Points = Platinum Certificate

1500 = Diamond Certificate


Points are rewarded For: